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Trevor Noah, a South African born comedian, will succeed Jon Stewart as host of The Daily Show when the latter retires this year, The New York Times reported Monday.

Noah, 31, has performed stand-up routines in appearances on The Tonight with Jay Leno and The Late Show with David Letterman. He debuted on The Daily Show in December 2014 as a new correspondent. He’s made three appearances on the show.

Noah has experience hosting a late-night talk show. He hosted Tonight with Trevor Noah in his native South Africa.

Stewart took the helm of The Daily Show in December 1998, and transformed the half-hour faux news program into a satirical examination of news media and politics. This past February, Stewart announced he would be stepping down as host. It is unclear when Stewart will leave and Noah will take over.

Stewart maintained a solid cadre of correspondents over the years, including: Steve Carrell, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, Larry Wilmore, Jason Jones, Samantha Bee, Kristen Schaal, Wyatt Cenac, and Ed Helms. Carrell went on to become film and television star, Colbert hosted his own mock news show and will soon take over The Late Show when David Letterman retires, Larry Wilmore hosts The Nightly Show (which follows The Daily Show), and John Oliver has his own new show on HBO, Last Week Tonight.

It is unclear how many of the current crop of correspondents will stay with the show when Stewart departs. Jones and Bee, who are husband and wife, are departing to run a program on TBS.  Schaal also co-stars in Fox comedies Last Man On Earth and Bob’s Burgers.

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