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The suspected killer of Ally Kostial is pictured with her at parties at Ole Miss. It’s just part of the new discoveries in the murder investigation that spans from St. Louis to Mississipi.

When officers caught up with suspect Brandon Theesfeld, they reportedly found a gun in his truck and blood on his clothes.

This was the scene outside of a south Memphis gas station Monday morning. Investigators had been tracking the 22-year-old suspect, Theesfeld seen on surveillance before he knew police were following him.

Officers drew their guns on him as he returned to his Chevy truck by the gas pump.  He was about an hour drive up Interstate 55 from where Ally Kostial was found Saturday near Sardis Lake. Sources say a deputy found her shot multiple times after she was last seen with Theesfeld on surveillance at a market in a town called Como.

Pictures of Theesfeld and Kostial were posted to social media in December of 2016, right after they both enrolled at Ole Miss that fall. Kostial is from St. Louis and Theesfeld is from Fort Worth, where he lived inside a gated community. His dad asked people to reserve judgment in a prepared statement, adding that his son is innocent.

Ally Kostial’s cousin wrote on Facebook, “If you ever wonder why women avoid rejecting you, this is why. We don’t know if you’re going to be cool about it or shoot us eight times and throw our body near a lake.”

A friend posted a picture of herself with Kostial on Twitter, then wrote that the suspect “(He) harassed her for years, took advantage of her for years, I spent countless nights holding Ally close, drying her tears about this monster.” She finished by writing, “You will never diminish her sunshine.”

Theesfeld was expected to have a bond hearing today until a deputy walked outside of the courthouse to say “not today.” That hearing should give us more clues about the investigation as the state and Theesfeld’s defense will be arguing over how much the suspect should pay to get out of jail.

Image from gas station surveillance video