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CLAYTON, MO (KTVI)- Our partners at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch are reporting new information about the St. Louis County Michael Brown autopsy report.

Two doctors who are not part of the official investigation reviewed this lengthy report.

The report reveals that the first shot was fired at close range hitting brown in his right thumb during a struggle in Officer Darren Wilson’s car.

There was microscopic matter from the barrel of the gun on his thumb wound. The other five shots hit brown from the front. The fatal wound to his forehead indicates that he was either falling or lunging forward.

The report says Brown did not have his arms up.

The St. Louis County toxicology report also found marijuana, which is a depressant, in Brown’s system.

The doctors say the autopsy contradicts statements from several witnesses who have said that Brown was shot while he had his arms up.

Another doctor hired by the Brown family to do an autopsy, said he believed none of the shots that hit brown were fired from close range and Brown may have had his arms up at some point.

However, agreed that Brown was shot total of six times.

The results of a third autopsy, that was performed by federal officials, has not been released.

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