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ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Carolyn Kindle Betz, who heads the local ownership group MLS4TheLou, has announced the name and logo for the new Major League Soccer team in St. Louis.

The team is named “Saint Louis City SC” and the color “city red” which borders on the color pink is featured in their logo.

Betz says that the team’s name is a way to bring the region together. The “City” aspect of the name is used by many other soccer clubs internationally.

This pink color is a nod to the fact that the team is the first female majority-owned club in MLS history and one of the first such franchises in all of American sports. Local businessmen Andy Taylor and Jim Kavanaugh are also part of the ownership group.

You can purchase merchandise from the team on their new website

The ownership group says they will begin engaging the fans and coming up with a nickname and mascots for the club.

Betz says that the team is celebrating the new name by sending eight Audi vehicles around the area. They are handing out “swag bags” from the cars.

The team was set to start playing in 2022 but the pandemic pushed that back until spring 2023. Officials have adjusted their timeline to ensure safety and said this was best for the team.

The new MLS stadium will be built near the intersection of Market at 21st Streets in downtown St. Louis. The project includes a 22,500 seat stadium, practice fields, team offices, parking facilities, and various improvements to streets, sidewalks, and utilities. The project is expected to bring in more than $2 million to the city in its first year of operation.

Construction should begin later this year and it is expected to be done in 2022.