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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)– If the City of St. Louis was a parent, than it would be pretty proud of the latest report card for its public schools.

A new study shows enrollment in city schools is up for the first time in half a century, and the number of students attending accredited schools is also up and going up.

This latest study is a follow-up to a similar study released in 2009 which looked at where St. Louis students are getting the best education and where they are not. The study found the weakest areas are toward the far north and far south areas of the city.

The research was done by a company called IFF, which conducts needs assessments for urban school districts.
And what the IFF study found in St. Louis is the need for quality schools is still far greater than the supply.

But Mayor Francis Slay says what really counts is how much progress is being made.

“Today 36 percent of the children in our city are attending a school that meets the state standard.  In 2008, only 18 percent were in schools that met half-state standards or better,” Slay said.

Along with the increase in the number of accredited schools, the study found student enrollment is up by five percent.

Credit for the increase is being given to more pre-school availability and the mayor`s initiative to attract better charter schools and close the failing ones.

Most of the conclusions of the study are telling the school district what it already knows, but it contains a lot of information many parents do not know, so IFF has created an online interactive map that anyone can used to check  the performance data for any public school in the city.

You can find it at: