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ST. CHARLES COUNTY (KTVI) – High school concussions have doubled in the last decade but a base-line test is giving athletic directors and coaches’ confidence sending kids back to play after they’ve sustained a concussion.

Last year the Timberland high school boy’s varsity soccer coach had 6 concussions on his team and three were severe. He said, “Who knows what would have happened after a second hit.”

The program “impact” has been giving high school kids in the Wentzville school district base-line tests for the last three years before the season starts.

The test takes about 25 minutes and has five parts.

After a child sustains a concussion, according to a trainer; they will give a child a post performance test and sometimes a child will fail this test three or four times but that’s because each child heals at a different pace.

The performance test is testing a child’s attention span, memory, reaction time, problem solving, sustained selective attention time as well as response variability.

The tests are running in about a dozen St. Louis area high schools, at the professional level and on the college level.

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