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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - We went to Jefferson City with a community activist who learned the MO Secretary of State holds records regarding old Homer G. Phillips hospital.  Paul Berry III became interested in the story after seeing the reunion of Zella Jackson Price and her daughter Melanie Diane Gilmore.  Jackson Price said hospital staff said her daughter had died after birth in 1965.

Berry said, "We`ve had several victims come forward, but what we haven`t had is staff from the hospital."

Since Jackson Price`s story made national news, dozens of other mothers have come forward wondering about their babies.

Only on Fox 2, you heard the story of Marnita McGill, who has court documented evidence she was stolen from her birth mother.  McGill hired attorney Donna Clark Frayne to find more answers.

Frayne said McGill`s court documented evidence, which is from a 1993 civil case about an inheritance, ' proof.  As much as we could have at this point.'

Frayne is pushing the city to find old Homer G. Phillips records that might identify who may have forged an adoption consent form.  She also hopes records will reveal where McGill went for 45 days, as the court record reflects, before she was secretly taken by another family.

Activist Berry hopes these records in Jefferson City could lead to a former Homer G. Phillips employee coming forward.  He said, 'What we`re looking for is an older person who wants to give truth to mothers in St. Louis. '

The list of doctors is not specific as to who may have worked in labor and delivery. Berry says he`s going to compile the doctor`s names with the help of RMRI private investigations.

Berry added, 'I plan on contacting each one of them that`s alive, one by one, to see if they want to give us assistance.'

The list shows doctors who obtained temporary licenses for residencies at Homer G. Phillips.  Many are from overseas.   A few went on to get their permanent licenses.  It may be a beginning for women trying to connect the dots and remember who their doctor might have been.

List of doctors

This is a list of Doctor's issued temporary medical licenses to work at Homer G. Phillips Hospital in the 60's.  The list was compiled and is currently kept in the Missouri Secretary of State's Office in Jefferson City.  The list is not specific to who may have worked in labor and delivery.  This is meant for educational purposes only, for people who may be trying to remember who treated them at Homer G. Phillips hospital decades ago.  You'll see four collumns which include the Doctor's name, the hospital where they worked as a resident physician, their origin university and the date in which they obtained their temporary medical license.


Auguste, Jean Meledain Univ. of Haiti 6/26/1965
Han, Duck Kee Kyungpook Univ., Korea 10/17/1965
Perez-Nunez, Raul Univ. of Havana 8/6/1966
Belancourt, Dunet F. Univ. of Haiti 1/14/1967
Bilsel, Yilmaz Celik Univ. of Istanbul 2/25/1967
Saint-Leger, Rene Univ. of Haiti 2/25/1967
Yurdakul, Halil Lemi Ankara Univ. 2/25/1967
Zenarosa, Nestor R. Univ. of Santo Tomas 2/25/1967
DeLeon, Romualdo V. Univ. of Santo Tomas 4/15/1967
Guillen,   Diosdada T. Univ. of Santo Tomas 1/20/1968
Amin, Navinkumar Univ. of Bombay 5/4/1968
Augustin, Cesar Univ. of Hait 5/4/1968
Chadaratana, Phadung Siriraj Medical School 5/4/1968
de Ungria, Estelita G. Univ. of Santo Tomas 5/4/1968
Ezenwa, Samuel S. Meharry Medical College 5/4/1968
Huq, MD. Nasrul University of Dacca 5/4/1968
Jacques, Thevenot University of Haiti 5/4/1968
Khan, Abdul Ghani University of Dacca 5/4/1968
Moore, Yondell Elvas Meharry Medical College 5/4/1968
Riahi, Gholam Hossein Matboo Isfahan Medical School 5/4/1968
Stewart, Philip Redver Univ. of Paris 5/4/1968
Todd, James Hamilton Univ. of Panama 5/4/1968
Vatcharapimolsilp, Vichit Univ. of Med. Sci. Thailand 5/4/1968
Wee, Eng Chuan T. Univ. of Santo Tomas 5/4/1968
Charles, Rulx Univ. of Haiti 6/29/1968
Gehamy, Robert Anton Univ. of Damascus 6/29/1968
Jayanetra, Kasem Univ. of Med. Sci. Thailand 6/29/1968
Jolivert, Albert Univ. of Haiti 6/29/1968
Murdock, Nathaniel Hawthorne Meharry Medical College 6/29/1968
Villadiego, Virgilio Cadiz Univ. of Santo Tomas 6/29/1968
Castasus, Manuel Almendrala Univ. of Santo Tomas 7/20/1968
Charles, Francois Univ. of D'Haiti 7/20/1968
Gowda, C.K. Hiranya Mysore Univ. 7/20/1968
Ladd, Robert Julius Howard Univ. 7/20/1968
Lee, Chang Geun Med. School of Yon Sei Univ. 7/20/1968
Maminta, Napoleon S. Univ. of the Philippines 7/20/1968
Morno, Andre Univ. of Haiti 7/20/1968
Rao, Chinnakotla Chalapathi Andhra Univ., India 7/20/1968
Reynaldo, Primitivo I. Univ. of Santo Tomas 7/20/1968
Rodriguez, Gregorio Lerma Univ. of Santo Tomas 7/20/1968
Thompson, Lloyd Earl Howard Univ. 7/20/1968
Villarama, Lilia F. Univ. of Santo Tomas 7/20/1968
Agasino, Armela M. Resuma Univ. of Santo Tomas 9/21/1968
Carre, Gerard Univ. of Haiti 9/21/1968
Kamal, Waseem Univ. of Punjab 9/21/1968
Mayuga, Edgardo Guevara Univ. of Santo Tomas 9/21/1968
Orteza, Josefina Miranda Univ. of the Philippines 9/21/1968
Padilla, Teresita Comin Univ. of the East Philippines 9/21/1968
Parsi, Manutchehr Khadiv Univ. of Tehran 9/21/1968
Phipatanakul, Supote Chulalongkorn Univ 9/21/1968
Roby, Richard Thomas, Jr. Meharry Medical College 9/21/1968
Rodriguez, Hernando Univ. of Javeriana 9/21/1968
Ruksakul, Taweep Univ. of Med. Sci. Chiengmai Hosp. 9/21/1968
Singh, Kanwar A. Delhi Univ. 9/21/1968
Su, Lan-Chun Cebu Inst. of Tech. Col. Of Med. 9/21/1968
Titer, Evadne M. Howard Univ. 9/21/1968
Tsai, Vincente Tan NG Far Eastern Univ. 9/21/1968
Vargas, Teodoreo C. Far Eastern Univ. 9/21/1968
Vidheecharoen, Somboon Univ. of Med. Sci. Bangkok 9/21/1968
Ahadi, Abd ul Ahad Moazzam Heidelberg Univ. 10/9/1968
Anama, Emmanuel D. Far Eastern Univ. 10/9/1968
Johnson, Florence Loretta Howard Univ. 10/9/1968
Millangue, Consolacion Paras Far Eastern Univ. 10/9/1968
Millangue, Rafael M. Manila Central Univ. 10/9/1968
Arizmendi, Guadalupe Univ. of Nuevo Leon 10/24/1968
Coleman, Barrett Lee Indiana University 10/24/1968
Manuel, Louis Calvin Meharry Medical College 10/24/1968
Mukherjee, Dipankar Univ. of Calcutta 10/24/1968
Rogers, James F. Meharry Medical College 10/24/1968
Emeran, Georges J.J. University of Haiti 11/21/1968
de Ungria, Pablo Calma Univ. of Santo Tomas 12/11/1968
Pojanasomboon, Pichat Univ. of Medical Sciences 12/11/1968
Smarth, Gerard Univ. of Haiti 12/11/1968
Vianzon, Elizabeth Romero Univ. of Santo Tomas 12/11/1968
Villamar, Elizabeth Niegos Univ. of Santo Tomas 12/11/1968
Huda, Nurul Univ. of Calcutta 1/9/1969
Smith, Betty Jo Johnson Meharry Medical College 1/31/1969
Ahmad, Shafique Univ. of Karachi 3/10/1969
Medrano, Lina Ebro Univ. of Santo Tomas 3/10/1969
Tekwani, Hiralal T. Univ. of Karachi 3/10/1969
Kasbekar, Vithal Yeshwant University of Bombay 4/2/1969
Durian, Pedro T. Univ of Santo Tomas 4/2/1969
Konakci, Yuksel Ankara Univ. 4/2/1969
Julien, Rene Louis University of Haiti 4/2/1969
Brewington, Thomas Elmer Meharry Medical College 7/1/1969
Carter, Nina V. Univ. of Geneva 7/1/1969
Hughes, Gerald Edward, Jr. Meharry Medical College 7/1/1969
Manrique, Julio Javerina Univ. 7/1/1969
McKinney, Reginald Robert Meharry Medical College 7/1/1969
SanJoaquin, Venusto Haboc Far Eastern Univ. 7/1/1969
Shanks, William DeWitt Meharry Medical College 7/1/1969
Wise, Leslie Univ. of Sydney 7/1/1969


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