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FERGUSON, MO (LPLR) – The massive attention to the Michael Brown shooting case may make it difficult for investigators to find witnesses.

We`re just one day away from when St. Louis County Attorney Bob McCulloch plans to begin presenting evidence to a grand jury.  Witnesses seem to have reported one version of what happened the day a police officer shot and killed brown, but there appears to be evidence of another view.

In the wake of Mike Brown`s death and protests demanding justice, you`ll find  pockets of intimidation and fear.  Recent video shows looters trying to get into a store in Dellwood, then two people suddenly open fire into the crowd.  You`ll also find clear messages, like graffiti threatening ‘snitches get stitches.’ It may intimidate potential witnesses, such as a man overheard talking in a YouTube video at the apparent shooting scene.

You could hear a man in the background ask, ‘How did he get from there to there?’ Another man answered, ‘Because he ran, police was still in the truck.’

The YouTube video was first discovered by the Independent Journalism Review or IJReview.

The apparent witness describes a different version of what happened than what`s typically being reported.  It`s very hard to hear.

It sounds like the possible witness says, ‘next thing I know he come back towards him.’

Then he seems to describe Brown advancing after being shot.  It sounds like he says, ‘police firing shots. I`m thinking they`re missing.’  It sounds like he continues to say, ‘Dude was still standing, then he kept coming towards him.’

Many people seem to have already made up their minds.  The crowd shouted in unison at one point on Monday night- `Indict. Convict.`

Federal agents may be trying to find witnesses with different vantage points and proximities to the shooting.  The Federal Government appears to be searching for any possible witness.  We captured video this week of Federal agents fanning out for information at the Canfield Apartments.

You can watch the full video on IJR`s link here.

I would recommend listening only, without reading the transcription.  What do you hear?  Share your views.  Sometimes two different people can hear two different things.

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