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CHESTERFIELD, MO (KTVI) – It is a long standing tradition at St. Luke’s Hospital.  Newborns arriving during a holiday are dressed in a special seasonal bunting.  Nine newborns were wrapped in buntings resembling Easter eggs and bunnies Sunday.

“It’s pretty amazing,” said Daniel Smith.  He and his wife Melinda are the proud parents of an 8 pound baby girl named Gwendolyn.

The tradition was started by Gussie Freese, a St. Luke’s Volunteer.  Freese passed away a few years ago but the tradition continues thanks to her daughter and St. Luke’s nurses.

“I haven’t left the room much but I definitely came out for this,” said Melinda Smith.  “All the babies in the buntings are even more adorable that usual.”

“It catches everybody’s eye,” said St. Luke’s R.N. Tricia Lacy.  “All the parents and visitors were just looking in the window a few minutes ago. They look so cute.  It just adds a little extra excitement to be in the hospital in the holidays.”

Some parents said they hope the tradition continues long into the future.

“It’s so great that it’s a St. Luke’s tradition that started from within the hospital and also that her daughter carried it on and we have nurses that have carried it on too,” said Lacy.  “So she definitely started something special for us.”