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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Rams fans could be getting an email asking your thoughts on a proposal for a new stadium.  The NFL is sending market surveys to 185,000 local football fans asking their thoughts.  The NFL league vice president of communications says the emails should be hit in boxes by Tuesday morning.

The survey is to assess the viability of a new stadium and figure out what location, seating and amenities St. Louisans would prefer.

The survey will ask people where they’d like a new stadium built, what kind of amenities it should have and what type of seats and how many surveyors would buy.

Governor Jay Nixon’s stadium development team of Dave Peacock and Bob Blitz are helping on the survey as well and the Rams gave the league its list of season ticket holders as well.

Advocates say this is a sign the league is taking the proposal seriously and the NFL staying in the St. Louis is closer to being a reality.  But NFL officials say St. Louisans shouldn’t read too much into it.  The league conducted a similar study in Los Angeles in October.  But that survey only went out to about 2,000 people according to the Los Angeles Times.