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ST. LOUIS, Mo. — Police say there were no arrest reports filed last night for any unruly behavior from Blues fans. They report the celebration in downtown St. Louis was joyous and without incident.

Fans filled the Enterprise Center, Busch Stadium, and Ballpark Village for watch parties involving tens of thousands of people.

Last year, when the Washington Capitals won their first Stanley Cup, Washington D.C. was relieved as the fans’ celebration resulted in only one arrest.

In 2017, the Pittsburgh Penguins won the Cup and police in that city reportedly made no arrests due to unruly behavior or property damage. In 2016 Pittsburgh also won the Cup and reported only one arrest.

One needs to go back to 2015 to find any egregious behavior by a city’s hockey fans. When the Chicago Blackhawks won the Cup in 2015, 25 arrests were reported in Chicago. Our friends at The Chicago-Tribune reported the 25 arrests, with five police officers injured, six squad cars damaged, and a host of minor scuffles. Four arrests were felonies, the rest were misdemeanors. In Wrigleyville, police reported the evening devolved into Blackhawks fans fighting each other in the streets. They also noted some fans climbed light poles and hurled bottles at police cars.