Non-profit damaged by vandals gets community support

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ST. LOUIS - There is newfound hope for the non-profit organization, Community Women Against Hardships.

Vandals tore up the roof in early November leaving thousands of dollars worth of damages behind.

The founder, Gloria Taylor, made an outreach to the community for a helping hand.

The long list of resources they offer could have been cut off after this act of vandalism, but Taylor said the community has stepped up and stepped in.

“Thank you, Lord,” said Taylor.  “The donations are coming in, and that makes a difference. It lifted my spirits knowing that people really care.”

For the third time, vandals took air conditioning units off the roof, cutting copper and connectors, leaving these gaping holes in the ceiling.

“It shocks you…it’s a shock.”

The vandals left more than $30,000 in damages at a time when families benefit from services the most.

“We’re going to have to do something soon because the temperatures are going to drop, and we can’t bring families in where it’s cold.”

Families fighting obstacles lean on the opportunities offered.

Music rooms for enrichment and computer rooms for workshops are out of commission.

Taylor said calls started coming in after Fox 2/News 11 shared the story.

“You get invigorated again by people… to hear from people who say we’re here what can we do to help.”

The show of support garnered a glimmer of hope to continue to serve.

“We’re going to stay open. We’re going to move forward because we are encouraged.”

If you would like to support Community Women Against Hardships call (314)289-7523.


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