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ST. CHARLES COUNTY, MO (KTVI) – It happens. Your alarm doesn’t go off, and you miss the school bus.  But instead of staying home, one committed high schooler rode his bike more than thirty miles to get there.

J’von Coleman is one of 45 students who transferred from the failing Normandy school district to the higher-performing Francis Howell school district.

When he couldn’t find a ride at 6:15 in the morning, all the way to St. Charles County, the high school senior took matters into his own hands.  “I was like, I’ll get my bike. It’s probably a long ride, but I guess I’ll do it,” he explains.

J’von used his smart phone to map out his journey, which took him from Natural Bridge Road to St. Charles Rock Road, and finally, the Katy Trail.

“I almost fell like five times going on that trail,” he says, “It was like really muddyand my back tire was slipping because I was peddling my hardest.”

Five hours and fifteen minutes later, he finally reached the finish line.  After he downed a quick lunch and a sports drink, J’von headed to class.

The high school senior hadn’t even heard of Francis Howell before this summer, but already, he’s started a new club, made lots of friends, and can’t imagine spending his senior year anywhere else.

“I was just shocked, and I think a lot of teachers were too,” says Francis Howell’s Associate Principal Dr. Angie Kozlowski.  Amidst the controversial school transfers, new this year in Missouri, Francis Howell High School faculty members are pleased to see J’von’s enthusiasm for his new school.  Kozlowski adds, “We were just amazed at him, and why he wanted to be here that day.”

J’von doesn’t plan on pedaling to school again anytime soon, but someday, he dreams of cycling on different trails throughout the world.