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DELLWOOD, MO – Thursday (April 12) marks the first full day of service in the city of Dellwood for the North County Police Cooperative after it officially took over for St. Louis County police Wednesday evening (April 11). Officers from the cooperative went door-to-door Wednesday to meet and greet residents and businesses.

According to our partners at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the decision to change police services was strictly financial and will save Dellwood taxpayers about $500,000. The cost of the contract with the St. Louis County Police Department was expected to increase from $1.3 million to $1.5 million. The contract with the cooperative is $965,000.

“St. Louis County Police is a great police department,” said Chief Tim Swope with the North County Police Cooperative. “They are a little bit more expensive than what we provide. We are bare bones. We have the precinct commander working the streets, and we don’t have a lot of glitz and glamor.”

The Post reports, the number of officers serving Dellwood will not be impacted. St. Louis County had 12 officers and a sergeant assigned to the municipality. The North County Police Cooperative has committed 11 officers, one detective and a captain. These officers will be new hires to the cooperative bringing its force to about 70 officers.

“Change sometimes for people is hard, so we just wanted to assure people that we are not going to miss a beat,” said Capt. Clay Farmer with the North County Police Cooperative. “It’s going to be seamless. We are going to get in here, and we are going to let the residents know that we are here for them.”

St. Louis County police took over patrolling Dellwood after it disbanded its own department six years ago. Dellwood has about 5,000 residents spanning one square mile.

St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar responded to the change saying, “It has been an absolute pleasure serving the city of Dellwood for the past six years. Whether through efforts to address crime, Police Athletic League activities, or other community events, we have built many strong relationships with the citizens there.”