North St. Louis County apartment complex waterlogged by weekend rain

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Dozens of north St. Louis County residents were evacuated after their apartments were flooded over the weekend. They’re now in a battle with apartment management because, after repeated complaints, they say little action was taken to make things right.

Residents at Crown Manor Apartments said they have requested management to fix the leaky roof many times. Some residents said they woke up to puddles of water and the smell of mold.

Now they are being evacuated and have more questions than answers.

Joan Harris said her two-bedroom apartment was flooded after this weekend’s storms. On Saturday, she noticed the carpet was soaked and made several complaints to management about the flooding and the smell of mold, but no action was taken.

Harris said when she woke up this morning, parts of her ceiling fell down.

“I go in the bathroom and it’s flooded with brown water. About an hour later, I went back in the bedroom and the ceiling had fell in,” she said.

Harris said her furniture and television were damaged and many of her belongings soaked. And management has still not addressed the issue.

“We are sitting up here, given you all this money every month, and we can’t get no response for nothing, that’s unacceptable,” she said. “Now the fire department is telling us we have to evacuate; we can’t live here.”

Harris’ next-door neighbors were also flooded out. They came home to wet bedroom walls, soaked carpet, and could see mold on the walls. A bucket sits on the floor in the middle of Barbara Poynter’s living room to catch water.

“I just feel that it was wrong or whatever and they should have been more helpful with us and let us know more about what is going on instead of throwing us out,” Poynter said.

The management team at the Crown Manor Apartments said they have to evacuate 20 units for safety reasons and have called in the American Red Cross to assist but could not say why it took so long for them to respond.

We were told the flooding stems from a roof that needs extensive repairs. Apartment management said the issue will now be addressed.

“They started a project that they were expecting to finish before the rain hit and they got caught with the storm that rolled in,” said John Dean, regional manager for THE Reality. “As a result, a lot of the water we were trying to shed off the roof got into the building and created problems.”

Management said they’ll put their tenants in temporary housing until they can finish the repairs to the complex. In the meantime, management said it will do its best to accommodate the residents and will work with them in the near future.


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