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FLORISSANT, MO (KTVI) – There are clean up concerns for people who believe they’re sick because of Coldwater Creek. A federal agency is reaching out to the community after uncovering nuclear waste along the creek’s banks and beyond.

Coldwater Creek runs through several communities and neighborhoods in north St. Louis County. People in those communities are concerned because of nuclear waste officials say has been found along the creeks banks and beyond. Residents fear waste from work on the Manhattan Project back in the forties has put them and their loved ones at a higher risk for cancer.

Residents say they’ve noted more than 2,000 people with cancer who live or grew up near this body of water.

Authorities say Coldwater Creek was contaminated with uranium residue stored near the airport during the development of atomic weapons decades ago. The Army Corps of Engineers cleaned up that site but the effects of the contamination will take much longer to get rid of.

Now the federal agency for toxic substances and disease registry is reaching out to families, beginning a study to find sick people and document their exposure.

They met Wednesday night and resident have lots of skepticism and concerns about incurable illnesses.