O’Fallon, Ill. neighborhood seeing power outages several times a day

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O’FALLON, Ill. – People in an O’Fallon, Illinois neighborhood are getting fed up with their power going off and on up to eight times-a-day.

It’s been an everyday thing since early December in the Chesapeake Junction subdivision, said resident Amanda Part.

The lights go out without warning. The dishwasher, washer, and dryer shut down mid-cycle.

Partl and her husband figured it must be a problem with their house, maybe their electric meter.

“One night we were searching for an electrician,” Amanda said. “I decided to check the Nextdoor app. When I got on there, there were 50-100 people complaining about the same issue.”

“I’m tired of resetting clocks several times a day,” one post read.

All of those blinking clocks have people throughout the neighborhood wonder about more expensive things like phones and tablets plugged into chargers, plus TVs and video game systems.

The brief outages are also scary.

“When it goes off in the middle of the night … the tv will start blaring. Something will start beeping. You don’t know where it’s coming from,” Partl said. “Stuff like that is pretty alarming in the middle of the night.”

Residents blasted Ameren for failing to address the issue.

However, workers have been responding, repeatedly testing transformers, but finding no issues a spokesman said.

That changed Wednesday.

Workers caught the malfunction as it happened and would be replacing a faulty switch gear through night, a spokesman said.


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