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CLAYTON, MO (KTVI)- Sources close to Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson said that he is considering resigning from the police department, according to a CNN report.

This comes as the grand jury is set to meet Friday and we get closer to finding out if Officer Wilson will be charged for shooting Michael Brown to death back in August.

FOX 2’s Anthony Kiekow spoke with business manager for the St. Louis Police Officers’ Association, Jeff Roorda on Friday about Officer Wilson’s future.

Roorda said he has met with Officer Wilson and “doesn’t know anything” about him resigning. He added that he “doesn’t think” Officer Wilson will be indicted.

Ferguson officials also commented about the possibility of Officer Wilson resigning.

“If that’s going on, I am not a party to it,” said Chief Tom Jackson.

According to Mayor James Knowles, “Nothing has been decided.”

Both men talked about Officer Wilson’s future during television interviews on Thursday. However, on Wednesday, the city of Ferguson sent the media an email stating that the police chief and mayor would not do anymore interviews until after the grand jury decision is announced.

Meanwhile, law enforcement officers are preparing for the possibility of protests after the decision. They will be given 48 hours notice before the public announcement.

The grand jury could begin deliberating as soon as Friday, and the announcement could come soon.

The St. Louis County Prosecutor’s Office will also be in contact with attorneys for Michael Brown’s parents and Officer Darren Wilson.