Officer Development instructor terminated over bias report

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. – AS Management terminates St. Louis County instructor after a reported issue with the use of racially-charged words during a 3 Day Officer Development Course on March 27.

The instructor, a 20-plus-year SOCOM Special Operations Veteran (Green Beret) and 3-year AS Management employee, used racially charged during the segment of class where he discussed scenarios involving offensive language used towards officers.

When questioned about the reported incident, the instructor admitted to using the word while describing an incident in which a suspect verbally berated him and St. Louis County officers during an arrest. The instructor described the incident to discuss the officers’ necessary duties to attempt to de-escalate the interaction through non-emotionalized actions. The instructor stated that he did not endorse the words as acceptable and the words had no purpose to offend any of the attending officers.

The instructor has worked on the officer development courses for the last year and has receive excellent reviews from more than 400 County Police Officers of all races, genders and preferences. Before this incident, no lack of appropriateness nor animus toward any group had been reported.

Despite this instructor’s otherwise excellent record, the instructor was permanently removed from his duties on March 28 and a sincere apology was issued to the department and all of the participants of the March 27 class.

All future classes will be recorded and monitored by AS Management for biased or inappropriate speech.


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