Oil of God Ministries welcomes hundreds on busy Christmas morning


The annual tradition of giving returned to God of Oil Ministries in St. Louis City after a pause last year because of COVID. 

Clothes, winter wear, toys and food were there starting at 11 a.m. Christmas morning.  

“Last year we couldn’t do it because of covid and a lot of people came looking for us and so this year i want to make sure they find us,” Oil of God Apostle Ariette Jefferson Murray said.  

“God has given me the opportunity to give back so that’s what we do and we do this every Christmas. 

Along with clothing and practical gifts, a feast was also provided by the church, led by Pastor Antonio White, who smoked a pair of 25-pound turkeys  

“I did it for 6 hours shredded them then throw them in the oven,” 

White said the tradition isn’t just a donation food line. Church leaders, members and the community enjoyed it together.  

“It brings a good community connection together. Our community depends on us and we depend on them,” White said.  

Jefferson Murray said many have fallen on tough times the past year and are working to recover.  

She said their doors are open and if you’re feeling down, try looking up.  

“The only way is up, and you can’t get up until you look up, and you can’t look up until you speak up, and when you speak up everything else turns up,” Jefferson Murray said.  

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