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JENNINGS, MO. (KTVI) – A big wad of cash found blowing in the wind on the sidewalk outside of a Schnucks in Jennings!

Two men scrambled to pick up the money early Monday evening.

One of them turned the money in.  The other took the money and ran.

An elderly woman lost a lot a little more than $1000 as she left the store.

She got more than half of it back Tuesday.

“I walk out this door and I look on the ground and there’s like money laying right there … you could tell it was a bunch of money because it was like 100’s, 20’s, 50’s,” said the man who turned the money in.

He asked not to be identified for this report.

He said he and the other argued about what to do with the money.

I was like, ‘wow that’s a lot of money for somebody to be losing’.  Then, for another guy to run off with it after we got into an altercation…he wasn’t going to give the money back.  He said I was a fool.  I said that’s wrong,” the Good Samaritan said.

He turned in all $640 he found, plus an insurance card that was with the cash.

Customer, Lamonda Davis, was there.  She said people were initially urging the Good Samaritan to be like the other man:  take the money and run.

“[They said] ‘man, you should have seen all that money.  I can’t believe he turned it in!’” Davis told FOX 2.  “That’s the right thing to do.  If it was me, I would have turned it in.”

A Schnucks spokesperson said the insurance card help Schnucks staff find the elderly woman who lost the money; the woman was more ecstatic about what she got back than worried about what she lost.

The good deed earned the Good Samaritan a hug from a Schnucks worker and praise from his fellow customers.

“Yes, he is a hero.  Times are hard right now,” said customer, Dana Moorehead.

“What you did, that was her blessing,” a Schnucks worker told the Good Samaritan.

They all urged the other man to turn in the rest of money.

“It’s never too late.  It depends on what kind of conscience he has, if he has a conscience,” said customer, Rudy Brafford.

“It’s not too late.  He should bring it back and turn it in,” Davis said.

“I hope he’s looking right now, at TV, the news, to bring that other portion back up here to that woman,” the Good Samaritan said.  “I feel good, man.  I feel good.  It’s a good deed man.”

Security workers were checking surveillance video in the hunt for the man who took the rest of the money.

A Schnucks spokesperson said two imposters came forward falsely claiming the money was theirs.

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