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PERRYVILLE, MO – The devastation spoke for itself, an evening tornado ripped through Perryville, MO leaving 13-miles of damage and destruction.

On I-55, big rigs were blown around, shutting down the highway for hours.

It also left one man, 24-year-old Travis Koenig dead as the twister crossed the interstate.

“That night,” homeowner Dale Hoff said emotionally. “I`ll never forget that.”

Once daylight came images from the destruction was heartbreaking.

Drone video showed an aerial view of how the twister leveled homes

In the blink of an eye, approximately 60 families were left without a home including Dale and Sharon Hoff who lived here for 50-years.

‘It wasn`t even 5 minutes and I opened the door and I could see it coming,” Dale Hoff said. “It just like a big ol bomb and went made the noise and it blew everything everywhere.”

Just last year, the couple walked me through where they took shelter.

As that moment plays back in their mind, Sharon Hoff remembers the months following of living in uncertainty.

“Even though we had a nice place to stay in, it wasn`t home. It didn`t feel like that.”

After salvaging what they could, just one month after the storm the Hoff`s didn’t waste any time and started to rebuild their new forever home.

“It`s a woman`s dream to go out and pick stuff and know you have the money to pay for it.”

That dream came with a two-car garage home, all the bells and whistles inside and a brand-new barn in the back.

Their neighbors along Highway 61 also started the rebuilding process as well.

“With everyone that`s rebuilt, there`s a bond there cause everyone went through something really horrific,” Sharon Hoff said.

While the storm may have blown the Hoff`s hope away momentarily, it twisted their faith together to last forever.

“This is home,” Sharon Hoff said. “It’s always been home, for me, for you. 50-years is a long time so it just felt like we`re home.”