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UPDATE: Dog beaten in viral Facebook video healthy and named “Honor”

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) –Two juveniles have been arrested after video of a teen abusing a dog was posted on Facebook.

A Facebook user posted the video on Tuesday. His post shows a teen abusing a dog. A person can be heard behind the camera laughing as a young man body slams the pet into the front yard. He then starts punching the animal, over and over. St. Louis police say that are investigating the incident.

Fox 2 caught up with the mother of one of the teens who was headed to go see her son at a juvenile facility.

“Yea I’m shocked about what happened because you know I didn’t think my son could do something like that, no way,” she stated.

The teen seen in the video and the teen shooting it  have both been charged with animal abuse. The case is now being handled by the St. Louis County Family Court.

Police say the puppy involved in this incident has been seized by animal control, and will be carefully examined and treated for any injuries. The dog, which is about 6 to 7 months old, will stay there while the case is active and then she will be put up for adoption.

The St. Louis County Police have issued to statement saying it takes this case very seriously and has a zero tolerance approach towards treatment of animals.

Many people are upset about the Facebook post. Comments left on the page repeatedly ask, “What is wrong with you?” The video has been shared over 2,000 times on the social network. The FOX 2 newsroom is getting calls from across the United States asking about this Facebook post.

We spoke with a social media expert at SUIE and he said this is typical for something like to this to spread.

“Things go viral when they play off our emotions and there is a connection because this feels real,” said Professor Mark Poepsel.

He added that when the public sees something like this they feel a threat and the feeling of fear and disgust is what makes them turn over video to authorities, media, and pass along tips.

WARNING: This video contains graphic violence and offensive language.