Overnight storm ruins art festival at Schlafly Bottleworks

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MAPLEWOOD, MO – The Art Outside Festival was cancelled Sunday when a quick hitting storm damaged dozens of tents overnight.  Some vendors could not believe what they saw when they arrived at the Schlafly Bottleworks parking lot.

“Half of the them (tents) were missing and just rubble,” said artist Bill McKenney.

Melanie Hancock is a local artist who was not part of the festival, but she headed to Maplewood to help with the cleanup.  One of her friends lost all his ceramics even though his tent was secured.

“A weight from someone else’s tent flew down the street into the sidewall of his and collapsed his tent,” said Hancock.  “His tent ended up in the parking lot across the street.”

She said this is the busy time of the year for local artist and believes some will have a difficult time recovering from the loss.

“There’s art shows every weekend and during the summer we go from show to show to show,” said Hancock.  “If your tent gets destroyed that’s anywhere from a $900 to a $2,200 investment and you can’t just pull the money out of nowhere and buy a whole new tent.”

She said her rule of thumb is to use 40 pounds of weight for every foot of tent.

“If there’s weather coming in I go with 80 because if the wind hits the tent,” said Hancock. “It can just pick it up and send it flying.”

This message was shared by Schlafly Bottleworks on its Facebook page, “Please continue to support the local artists and we will see you soon!

The link below will connect you with the artists from this year's festival.

A GoFundMe account has been set-up to help the artist.




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