Owner Of Dog That Attacked Postal Worker Apologizes

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - The woman who accidentally let out a dog that attacked a postal carrier says she is full of regret and sadness.  She opened up to FOX 2 about what happened that day.

North St. Louis resident Barbrial Jones and her fiancé have two pit bulls, one and a half year-old Baby and three year-old Fifty.  But Tuesday afternoon, it was just Baby out in the backyard, since Animal Control quarantined Fifty when he attacked the postal worker a day earlier.

USPS mail carrier Gwen Moore was delivering mail on Jordan Street when she saw the dogs and got frightened.

Jones recalls, “He came from off this side of the yard and walked right there. When I told her just calm down keep it going, she literally just started screaming, throwing her mail, and running across the street. So he jetted.”

What happened next left the mail carrier with 36 stitches on her arms and legs.  Moore says, “I’m all torn up; I did have some flesh hanging out so they did have to take care of that.  Very painful. I never imagined it would hurt this much.”  She estimates it will take several weeks to fully recover.

Jones says this is the first time the three year-old pit bull has ever attacked. She insists that both dogs are usually friendly and supervised.  Gesturing to Baby, she says, “You can take off her leash, she still listens.”

Still, the pit bulls did get loose through a hole in the fence, and once they did, the dogs were too strong for the owner to contain.  “They can be aggressive,” Jones admits, “they’re naturally born like that.”

Regardless of how well the pit bulls usually behave, Jones feels terrible about what happened.  She says, “Ms. Moore, I do apologize.  I take full responsibility also, and would love for you to give us forgiveness.”

Jones tried to get her dog back from Animal Control, but was told after Fifty’s 10-day quarantine that he’ll have to be neutered to make him less aggressive.  Since Jones and her fiancé breed their pit bulls as a side business, the couple hopes to get around that.

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