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ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. – We’ve been telling you about allegations and suspicions surrounding Pam Hupp for the last six years. On Wednesday afternoon in a St. Charles County courtroom, she took an Alford plea, admitting the state of Missouri had enough evidence to convict her in a 2016 murder.

Hupp appeared worn by her time in jail. She was thin with long grey hair and showed no emotion as she entered the courtroom. Hupp sat in her chair and slightly rocked prior to the plea hearing beginning. She pressed her lips tightly together.

On the stand, Hupp answered questions that she understood the first-degree murder and armed criminal action charges. Her lawyer briefly interrupted to point out the plea deal meant she would not face the death penalty.

Hupp will be formally sentenced August 12.

Two rows of law enforcement filled the courtroom, which was moved to a larger courtroom to accommodate the crowd who gathered to see Wednesday’s events.

Hupp’s Alford plea of guilt closes one chapter in a twisting story we began investigating years before anyone else picked up on it.

Only Fox 2 has reported on events surrounding Pam Hupp from the time her friend was found murdered. It was in December 2011. Betsy Faria was stabbed to death in her Lincoln County home.

We were the only station to cover the 2013 trial in which a jury convicted Betsy’s husband, Russ Faria. We reported on the evidence kept from the jury, such as Faria’s life insurance proceeds signed into Hupp’s name days before the murder.

Our coverage led to a new trial in 2015. A judge found Russ Faria not guilty while raising questions about Pam Hupp’s possible involvement.

We continued our reporting, including investigating the bizarre death of Hupp’s mother—her unexplained fall through the railings of a third-floor balcony—and her life insurance proceeds.

St. Charles County prosecutors say Hupp wanted to escape the heat, so she plotted the murder of a random person. She planned to frame Russ Faria.

August 2016, Hupp lured Louis Gumpenberger. She shot him to death in her home.

Gumpenberg’s mother was in the courtroom for the plea announcement, as well as Russ Faria, his family, and Faria’s attorney.