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ST. CHARLES, Mo. – You’ve probably noticed that the Hollywood actress who plays killer Pam Hupp seems to always have a drink in her hand.  The idea clearly came from FOX 2’s exclusive reporting on Hupp.  We captured years of video of Hupp, but it wasn’t until August 2016 that we documented the now-infamous fountain drink.

Pam Hupp peaks out from an area of her garage, holding a fountain drink.

Hupp had just shot Louis Gumpenberger inside her home in an intricately pre-meditated murder plot.  We captured exclusive video that included an unforgettable shot where she peaks out from an area of her garage, holding a fountain drink.

Police investigators were able to track Hupp’s movements, using cell phone triangulation and Hupp’s vehicle OnStar.  They found she’d purchased the drink from a drive-through on her way to luring Gumpenberger.

Note that the cup shown in the new TV series has the same look as the one documented in FOX 2’s exclusive coverage.  It’s a drink so prominently used in the dramatization that it even appears on the trailer poster

The drink is always a large fountain drink, in a Styrofoam cup and straw.  Even the trailer poster has the drink shown prominently.

To learn more about Pam Hupp and where news coverage began, check out Fox 2’s years of exclusive reporting, including our latest investigation: