ST. CHARLES, Mo. — Two of Pam Hupp’s victims are talking about the TV mini-series in which they are portrayed. Russ Faria and Carol McAfee discussed both the good and bad.

“There’s a lot of things that got left out,” Faria said.

They both spoke from Russ’ workplace – All Lubed-Up Cycles in St. Charles.

“It’s something to keep me busy and something I enjoy doing,” Faria said of the business.

They both said it’s impossible to wrap up a decade of drama into one six-episode series. McAfee said real heroes were forgotten.

“More than anybody, (Russ’) Cousin Mary is the reason that he’s standing over there,” McAfee said. “She’s the one that got Joel (Russ’ attorney). She’s the one that helped behind the scenes collecting all the evidence.”

Faria spent more than three years in prison after a wrongful conviction for the murder of his wife Betsy. Police and prosecutors, at the time, were suspicious of Russ immediately, but not because of evidence.

Instead, they questioned Russ’ demeanor and his 911 call, which Russ says was portrayed perfectly by the actor who played him.

“Wow,” Faria said. “The 911 call that he re-enacted was fantastic. He and I worked really closely when he was learning on how to play my character so I’m really happy with the way that came out.”

McAfee was lured by Pam Hupp in 2016, days before Hupp’s murder of a man with disabilities. MacAfee said the show’s light-hearted tone often dampened the seriousness.

“People call Pam crazy,” McAfee said. “She’s not crazy. Crazy kills you for no reason. She knew what she was doing. The problem is she’s so much of a narcissist she thought she could get away with it.”

As FOX 2 first reported last May, Faria and McAfee are now a couple. Their lives intersected in love because of Pam Hupp’s hate.

When asked if they believe it’s “divine intervention,” they responded almost simultaneously: “I do”

“Ridiculous,” Carol said as Russ added, “We didn’t meet in the courtroom as you know. We actually met through another friend of mine who was a neighbor of hers, but again they’re trying to condense things – and I like that the fact that they showed us together at the end and said that we were engaged, because the world needs to know there’s a happy ending sometimes.”

A story just beginning for them as a couple – and not yet over in their fight for justice against Pam Hupp. Hupp is serving life in prison for Louis Gumpenberger’s murder and preparing to defend herself in trial for Betsy Faria’s murder.