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ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. – Pam Hupp’s defense team made its final argument this week on what to keep out of her June trial.

Hupp’s lawyer wants no mention of the murder of her friend, Betsy Faria. It’s an unsolved case from 2011 in which Hupp benefitted from $150,000 in life insurance proceeds.

Hupp’s June trial, however, is focused on the shooting death of a man with disabilities in 2016. She told police Louis Gumpenberger invaded her home and she shot him in self-defense. Prosecutors say she lured him to his murder.

But it’s the 2011 unsolved Faria murder that’s the focus of current court arguments. Prosecutors say it’s relevant and goes to Hupp’s motive. They say Hupp was trying to deflect negative attention in the Faria murder and lured an innocent person, so she would look like a victim.

Hupp’s defense lawyer, Kim Freter, argued Hupp was never a suspect in the Faria murder and wrote in a filing this week, “The Faria evidence changes Pamela from a sixty-year-old woman with no prior convictions who shot a man in her home into a ‘serial killer’ responsible for two murders.”

Freter added, “The state is offering its unreliable, unproven, speculative, hearsay evidence in an attempt to paint Pamela as a person of bad character with the propensity to commit murder.”

We’ve reported on Pam Hupp since 2013. Freter said this about the media coverage: “While wild conspiracy theories as to motive may be fodder in the sensationalized media, they have no place in the actual trial of this death penalty case that is subject to the rule of law and the United States and Missouri Constitutions.”

The judge said he may not decide what evidence to allow until next year.