Cybercrimes find mysterious note on Faria laptop


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TROY, MO (KTVI) – Nearly four years after the investigation began, a cybercrimes unit found a type written note on a laptop owned by Russ and Betsy Faria. The Lincoln County prosecutor accuses Russ of stabbing his wife 55 times in December, 2011.

A cybercrimes investigator found the note in September of this year. The investigator said it was created on December 22nd, 2011, five days before Betsy`s murder. The investigator added that the document was written at 11:55 am, in 15 minutes and saved to the hard drive.

No one read the letter at today`s proceeding, but the Court allowed reporters to look at the note later. We weren`t allowed to write down anything word for word, so the following portions are paraphrased and included in parenthesis.

The letter started ‘Pam’ and talked about life insurance saying (Do you think I can put it in your name?) Another line said (I`m afraid of staying alone with Russ) and another line read (If something happens to me, please show police).

The note was drafted the day before Betsy signed over a $150,000 life insurance policy to her friend Pam Hupp.

On cross-examination, the defense told the investigator ‘You were very specific to say Betsy`s profile was used, but you don`t know who wrote the letter.’ The investigator responded ‘Correct.’ He added that the letter wasn`t brought in over on a thumb drive.

Another big moment was when the prosecution asked Det. Sgt. Ryan McCarrick why the investigation focused on husband Russ Faria and didn`t include Pam Hupp. McCarrick said it was clearly a crime of passion. He was then asked, why not look at Hupp, who benefitted from the $150,000 life insurance policy. He said police did not think she was a suspect.

The defense grilled McCarrick about Hupp`s many changing stories, which McCarrick acknowledged. He admitted they did not interview Hupp`s husband alone. Defense attorney Joel Schwartz pulled out the three page police report and said ‘When officers went to interview Pam`s husband, she engaged officers in conversation.’ McCarrick, ‘Yes.’

Schwartz: ‘The three page interview was not recorded.’

McCarrick: ‘No.’

Schwartz: ‘Her husband doesn`t open his mouth again.’

McCarrick: ‘No.’

Schwartz: ‘Not one word.’

McCarrick: ‘Not documented, no.’

He said police didn`t talk to any other relatives or neighbors and acknowledged that they still don`t know what time Pam Hupp returned to her house after taking home Betsy the night of the murder.

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