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O’FALLON, IL (KTVI) – A beautiful monument honoring every veteran from O’Fallon, Illinois is mysteriously destroyed over Sunday night.

O’Fallon city workers found the 2 huge slabs of granite bend over and smashed on the ground Monday morning.  Even the rebar was bent in half!

So the big question, was this caused by vandalism or the severe winds that hit the area Sunday night about 6 pm?

Every veteran from O’Fallon, living or deceased is honored with their name engraved on the slabs at the monument site.  It has been there for nine years and it’s important for residents.  They want to know what’s happened and how?

Rob Schmidtke of the O’Fallon Police Department says at this point they are leaning toward “man made damage” because of the nature if the damage.

Their investigation is ongoing, but there could be an argument for wind knocking down part of the structure as well.

Schmidtke says, “We know there was lots of wind so we’re not ruling it out.”

The O’Fallon police Facebook page is blowing up with comments, ideas of what occurred and also well wishes because many people here have relatives names that are engraved at the site.

Patty Peek says “my husband’s name is on there, he died 10 years ago, just breaks your heart you know?

The O’Fallon Veterans Monument Committee tells me they will rebuild, they just have to wait for the investigation to be completed and see if insurance will cover it. The total cost will be over $10,000.

Anyone having information should call the O’Fallon Police Department at (618) 624-4545.

Website: O’Fallon, IL Veterans’ Monument