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ST. LOUIS — It has a been a very rough seven years for former Rock Hill Police Officer Matt Crosby.  He was shot and paralyzed in the line of duty. Some great news is finally coming his way. Crosby saw plans for a smart home to be built for him and his sons.

“I love it. Its the house I would build if I won the lottery,” said former Rock Hill officer Matt Crosby.

Crosby went through divorce after getting shot and only gets to see his kids half of the time.  He also lost his house. Since then he has been living in a small place not suited for his wheelchair or condition.

“It is the best news I’ve gotten since this has happened,” said Matt Crosby.

Matt has been relying heavily upon his parents John and Virginia. They help by taking care of daily chores and his sons.

“He cant get his mail. He’s got to get around things to get to dinning room table. He can’t even get into his own closet to pick out his own clothes,” said VirginiaCrosby.

When Schaub & Srote Architects heard about Crosby’s situation they jumped into action.  After seeing how the community and businesses rallied around officer Mike Flamion, they started to build a smart home for him.  They have set out to do the same for Crosby.

“Matt has a lot secured. The thrust now is to secure materials and labor for the construction project,” said Robert Srote.

They’re offering engineering and interior design services for this smart home. Some other donations have come in.

“I just cant believe all the people that have come forward and offered services or donated money or supplies,” said Matt Crosby.

Crosby is a CBC high school graduate. The school offered both of his boys scholarships years before his first son went to high school.

Visit this website if you would to donate anything: