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LOUISVILLE, KY. (CNN) – Parking is a tall order around one Kentucky courthouse.  New parking meters installed in Louisville are too high for some people to reach.

Eric Flack sizes up the problem.

Finding parking around the Jefferson County courthouse isn’t easy.  For some, the degree of difficulty just went up.

“Well the problem is I can’t see the meter.”

Thirty new parking meters installed along Jefferson and 6th streets downtown were meant to help drivers by accepting credit cards in addition to change.  But Rick Lombardo can’t park here no matter what he’s carrying.

Reporter: “Do you feel slighted?”  
“Yeah, slightly.”

Rick is 5 foot 1.  The meter is 5 foot 5.  And he’s not the only one we saw come up a little short.

Reporter: “Could you see this meter?”  
“No I can’t. Not even on my tippy toes.”

“The screens on these older meters are clear and facing forward so you can see what they say no matter where you’re standing. These new meters are not just tall, the screens are angled upwards. So, you’re flying blind, from down below.

“I’d have to drive somewhere else and find another meter because I don’t know how much is on there.”

Reporter: “You don’t have anything against short people?”  
“Absolutely not.”

Parking Authority Assistant Director Tiffany Smith admits PARC didn’t size up the impact of the new meters on short people.   The parking authority installed them in mid May as part of a three-month pilot program and may switch to the new technology city wide.

“So this was offering an additional amenity or convenience for anyone parking at a meter.”

But Smith says the parking authority plans to cut existing poles before permanently installing the taller meters.  After hearing from the WAVE 3 troubleshooter department, PARC decided to remove the pilot meters by the courthouse.

“I thought well, if I’m going to park I need to step up a little.”

After we showed them not everyone measures up.

“And what I do is get up, and now I can see exactly what I am putting in and the amount.”
Reporter: “Doesn’t this seem a little bit ridiculous?”  
“It sure does.”