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ST. LOUIS, MO. (KTVI) – “They make energy?  What kind of energy?’ asked an educator from Brightergy Solar Solutions.  She heard the answer she needed from the dozens of 4th and 5th graders in the school gymnasium.  ‘Solar energy.”

This solar panel project was not just be an opportunity for the district to save money, but also for the kids to learn how much electricity they used at school.

“Each individual system has the capability to go online and provide students real-time data for how much electricity that they are producing,’ explained Parkway`s Sustainability and Purchasing Manager Erik Leuders.

The district leased the panels from Brightergy.  The agreement let Parkway save energy and cash, immediately.

“There’s actually no cost to the district whatsoever,’ Leuders pointed out.  ‘Collectively, the systems are going to save the district $15,000 in the first year.”

“But more importantly, we are teaching all of you,’ Marty told the kids.  “Why it is we need to think differently about our energy supply and about our future.”

The district has posted pics of the installation and lessons for the children.  You can follow the district on twitter at #mysolarschool or visit

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