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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KTVI) – Two Parkway students face suspension after they were caught with pot-laced brownies at school.

Police say these Parkway West High School students made the brownies and planned to pass them out on school grounds.  However, Chesterfield police say one of their classmates tipped off administrators, who quickly called in law enforcement.

Most pot brownies look exactly like ordinary brownies, which could be why the teens thought they’d be safe to bring to school. Dan Duncan, with the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, explains, “Obviously, for someone who wants to hide the fact that they’re using marijuana, putting it in a food product will do that, as opposed to sitting there smoking it.”

But getting baked on baked goods is not only illegal; it can result in a stronger and longer-lasting high. “For instance, a kid at school, ostensibly they can be high all day,” says Duncan, “and sometimes when people do this, they’re not aware of that and it causes them problems.”

It’s a high that won’t result in higher achievement.  “For a kid in school, all kinds of negative consequences. They’re not going to be able to concentrate, they’re not gonna be able to attend to what they’re doing, it can affect your short-term memory,” explains Duncan.

Brian Swasey works with Show-Me Cannabis, a local advocacy group trying to decriminalize marijuana. Even if weed were legal, he still thinks bringing it to school is a problem: “It’s against the rules and it’s going to get them in trouble. Using marijuana at a young age can make you unmotivated; it does have its consequences.”

Recent high school grads who say they’ve tried marijuana agree: “That’s not smart. It’s a dumb idea.  School’s for learning,” one of them says.

These teens add that pot brownies are a particularly bad idea, since the high is more unpredictable.  And as with any illegal drug, you never know what’s really in it.  “It’s too intense,” another says, “eating it, that’ll get too much.”

For bringing these pot brownies to school, Parkway Schools Spokesperson Cathy Kelly says the teens will be suspended for at least 11 days.  Police say it’s likely the teens will also face drug possession charges, and they will be tried in juvenile court since they’re minors.

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