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ST. LOUIS–Attorneys for Michael Politte, who was convicted at the age of 14 for killing his mother, say their efforts to clear his name will continue after his release on parole in April after serving more than 23 years in prison.

Politte’s mother Rita was burned to death inside their mobile home in Hopewell, Missouri on December 5, 1998. After spending roughly four years in juvenile detention, he was tried as an adult and convicted of second-degree murder in 2002, and sentenced to life in prison.

His attorneys announced Wednesday that Politte was granted parole, effective April 23. The Missouri Department of Corrections has not yet confirmed that decision.

“This is not the end. Justice for the Politte family demands Mike’s exoneration and we will continue to litigate in court to overturn his conviction. His release on parole means he can now continue this fight at home with his sisters. We look forward to the Court hearing his case and finally giving him his day in court,” a joint statement from his lawyers from the MacArthur Justice Center, The Midwest Innocence Project and Langdon & Emison said.

Last August, his attorneys filed a petition with the Missouri Court of Appeals to reconsider the case, and in October, asked the Missouri Supreme Court to free him, citing what it says was a conviction based on debunked science and a biased investigation.

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