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MARYLAND HEGHTS, MO (KTVI) – A waitress is fired because of the way she labeled a pair of customers on a receipt at Patrick’s in Westport Plaza.

FOX2’s April Simpson spoke Monday to the customers and owner of Patrick’s about the incident that left both parties hurt.

This is a receipt from Patrick’s Westport Grill in Westport Plaza, but take a closer look and you’ll see how the waitress labeled the customers with two words.

The words written by a now fired waitress who the owner says was an extremely bad decision when she could not remember her table numbers.

The words left customer Kimberli Wilson angry, and the restaurant’s owner Patrick Hanon hurt.

Mr. Hanon has owned Patrick’s for 33 years, in that time something like this has never happened.

Kimberli Wilson says even after the offer of free food and drinks, she has no interest in returning to Patrick’s.

Patrick Hanon hopes she will change her mind.