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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – A north St. Louis County man’s love for pets has grown into a mission to bring people together. He’s the recipient of our Pay It Forward award this month.

Pawl Simon Cosby is filling a need for pet owners who can’t afford to have regular vaccinations, healthcare, and grooming services for their animals. Longtime client and friend Mike Campise nominated Pawl for our Pay It Forward award Mike went to Pawl’s pet grooming salon in Dellwood and surprised him with a $500 gift card from First Bank.

Pawl has had a passion for caring for animals since he was a child. He opened Paw Purfect Grooming Salon 10 years ago. His goal was two-fold: grow his business and grow relationships.

“What started me doing this was not only the love of animals but animals have a way of actually connecting people,” Pawl said.

Pawl also sponsors special events last month he arranged a free vaccination clinic where rabies and distemper shots were offered for dogs and cats. He’s planning another free clinic in August.

“I started seeing Pawl with posts that he would save a dog’s life, he would find a dog, it might be in bad shape, he’d bring it in and try to find the owner, groom it for free, make sure it had the shots,” Mike said. “Pawl is not only the nicest guy you’ll ever meet but he really does care about the dogs.”

Pay It Forward is brought to you by First Bank. If you would like to nominate a deserving person for the award go to and look for the Pay It Forward page.