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ST. LOUIS – Homeschooled students are getting a full high school experience thanks to the selfless actions of a St. Louis woman. And she is our Pay It Forward recipient for the month of September.

Cathy Mullins is more than a volunteer at SHARE Homelink, a home-schooling learning center in south St. Louis County. She organizes homecoming events, dances, proms, a yearbook, and many other activities so homeschoolers can make those special high school memories.

“I’ve been in the movement long enough that I’ve seen kids go from infants to now they’re graduating and see all this success,” Mullins said. “We have beautiful high school graduations cap and gown and it’s fun; kind of like my own kids.”

Alexandra Pelekanou-Heffner, a Spanish teacher at the center, calls Cathy an angel on earth and she surprised Cathy with our Pay It Forward award – a $500 gift card from First Bank.

“She is truly, truly sincere, loving, caring, she really cares for the teachers and the students,” Pelekanou-Heffner said.

SHARE Homelink assists about 200 homeschool students in learning subjects that their parents may not be able to provide. And Cathy is motivated to help the students experience the environment of a regular school.

Cathy’s role is similar to that of a principal but she doesn’t get paid.

“It’s what we’re supposed to do, just as decent human beings. We’re supposed to be there and help one another and it’s not really supposed to be about the money. It’s supposed to be about love,” Mullins said.

Tonight’s Pay It Forward is brought to you by First Bank. If you know of a deserving person you’d like to nominate for the award go to and look for the Pay It Forward page.