People brave cold air, strong winds to enjoy outdoor festivities

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ST. LOUIS - As the temperatures continue to drop, there are still outdoor activities taking place across St. Louis.

The brisk air and strong wind did not keep people from getting out, but they can definitely feel it in their bones.

The Steinberg Rink has been encouraging everyone to come out and skate and use a bonfire to stay warm, but a lot of people tonight say the air is outdoing this heat.

“It’s freezing,” said Mylonn Miller. “I even have on gloves, but my hands are freezing.”

People walked back and forth from the ice rink to the fire.

“They’ve just been gathering around and coming and leaving really quickly,” Miller said.  “It’s not really helpful.”

“We’ve been here for about 45 minutes to an hour, and I didn’t think it was going be this cold but it’s freezing in my hands are shivering is so cold outside,” said Malak Nijmeh.

Steinberg Ice Rink kept the fire going all night and offered hot chocolate, but we could still hear the same sentiment walking through the crowd.

“I think I’m going to have to go inside, it’s getting quite cold,” said Kiersten Rogers.

Hands hovered over the bonfire and several hung their skates to thaw out.

“I want to skate, and I knew it would be cold,” said Nijmeh. “I just didn’t I know it was going be this cold, so we have to come inside.”

The high wind gusts Saturday caused difficulties with many outdoor activities.


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