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ST. LOUIS — A large convoy of demonstrators, including truckers, traveled into Missouri Monday.  The group believes government mandates responding to COVID-19 have gone too far. 

The convoy stopped in Cuba for the night and will travel through St. Louis Tuesday morning.  According to the convoy’s website, the plan is to travel towards the nation’s capitol but not enter D.C. proper.   

“I think people are tired of being told what to do and we need our constitutional rights back again,” said trucker Thomas Traphagan. “We need the mandates to go away.” 

The convoy received a warm reception from nearby residents who lined up near I-44 and Highway 19 Monday afternoon.   

“I want my freedom and to be able to do what I want, when I want, how I want,” said Leasburg resident Nora Buchanan.  

One Missouri senate candidate led the convoy for a stretch through Missouri.  Former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens addressed a crowd of convoy supporters as they stood in the parking lot of the Midwest Travel Plaza.  

“They recognize that we have a country to fight for and all of them has come in off of the sidelines to say, this is our country and we’re going to take it back,” said Greitens.  

Trucker Jimmy Fletcher joined the convoy near the border between New Mexico and Texas. 

“Somebody’s got to stand up,” he said. “Somebody’s got to bring our freedom back.”