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PERRYVILLE, MO (KTVI) – From the ground, it can be difficult to appreciate the size and scope of damage wrought by the winding, wicked path of Tuesday evening’s tornadoes.

The first emergency calls came from County Road 806 a little after 8 p.m. Tuesday night.

The tornado crossed the interstate and took out about half of the 20 or so homes homes near Moore Drive. Then, the twister crossed Highway 51 next taking the tops off grain silos and more homes near County Roads 206, 208, and Allen Landings Road.

Neighbors, police, and firefighters continued going door to door in an effort to search for survivors.

About 100 homes in Perry County were damaged or destroyed before the tornado crossed the Mississippi River into Illinois.

Residents tell Fox 2 News that with their faith-based community and work ethic hopefully everything will be back to normal in very short order.