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UNIVERSITY CITY, MO (KTVI) – For Henryk Ptasiewicz the key to get people`s attention is color.

‘All I`m doing is putting a coat of paint on them to look respectable,’ says Henryk Ptasiewicz, artist.

Actually there`s about 704 keys in the Delmar Loop.

‘There`s also some in the Central West End and on Cherokee and downtown,’ says Lisa Houdyshell, Serendipity Art Gallery.  ‘It was just a nice way to get people out and give these pianos a nice send-off cause once they`re done they`re going to the piano graveyard.’

The eight pianos along the Delmar Loop are part of the Loop Arts Fest, a four-day event celebrating all the arts in St. Louis, kicking off with Make Music Day on June 21st.

‘Cause we`re recycling the pianos that`s the whole point,’ says G. Ganache, artist.  ‘They`re not in mint condition.  So, a lot of the keys are falling off on some.  Some falling down.  I put silver names all bands still here making music some for labels and some in bars and stuff.’

‘They`re out on the trolley stops except for the one in the marketplace and at the library,’ says Houdyshell.  ‘So, it`s kind of a way to remind people the trolley is coming.’

The Loop Arts Fest features gallery walks, mannequins decorated from recycled products, culinary arts and demonstrations.  And of course, some brightly painted pianos that have been given new life.

‘This is not a piece of fine art,’ says Ptasiewicz.  ‘It`s just to tell everyone it`s here and to come and play me.’

To see, hear and play for yourself, you`ll have to make your way around St. Louis.