Piglet wins Masked Singer Season 5: Learn who was unveiled during the game-changing finale event


ST. LOUIS – We’ve made it to the finale of the Masked Singer Season 5 and we finally know the celebrity under each mask. It was definitely a game-changing season.

Fourteen singers hit the stage this season but only Piglet, Black Swan, and Chameleon remained to fight for the Golden Masked Trophy.

They began taking the stage as a group, singing Leann Rimes’ “How do I Live” with Leann Rimes, last season’s champion as the Sun.

Let’s jump right in to the performances and reveals!

Chameleon says people think he’s too cool for the Masked Singer, but he’s actually enjoyed showing others the different sides of hip-hop.

Song: “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio Ft. L.V.

Black Swan says she was known around the world before she got her driver’s license. She also said she had to cancel her tour in 2020 like other artists.

Song: “How am I supposed to live without you” by Michael Bolton

Piglet says he’s one of the first people to open his life up to the public before social media without the filters. He received a lot of criticism.

Song: “Faithfully” by Journey

After the their final performances, the audience voted for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner.

This is the final time judges can earn points with their correct guesses towards the Golden Ear Trophy.

Judges Scores before final unmaskings – Robin: 1 Jenny: 2 Ken: 2 Nicole: 0

Third Place: Chameleon

First Impression Guesses: Jenny guessed Denzel Washington but changed it to Gucci Mane. Robin guessed Red Foo but changed it to Wiz Khalifa. Nicole guessed Nick Cannon but changed it to Wiz Khalifa. Ken guessed Dwight Howard but changed it to 2 Chainz. Leann Rhimes guessed 2 Chainz as well.

Chameleon was unveiled to be Wiz Khalifa

Second Place: Black Swan

First Impression Guesses: Robin guessed Rita Ora but changed it to Normani. Jenny guessed Laine Messier but changed it to Monica. Ken guessed Jessie J but changed it to Demi Lovato. Nicole guessed Natasha Bedingfield but changed it to JoJo. Leann guessed Jojo.

Black Swan was revealed to be JoJo

First Place: Piglet

First Impression Guesses: Nicole guessed Cody Simpson but changed it to Brian Latrell. Robin guessed Don Resnick but changed it to Nick Lachey. Ken guessed Adam Lambert but changed it to Jeremy Rinner. Jenny guessed Nick Lachey and stuck with her guess. Leann guessed Nick Lachey.

Piglet was unveiled to be Nick Lachey.

Jenny won the Golden Ear Trophy for the second season in a row with 3 correct guesses.

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