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UNIVERSITY CITY, MO (KTVI) – A University City man says his neighbor’s pit bull mix attacked not only him but another neighbor, and the dog’s owner.

Video of the attack was shared with FOX 2 taken from one of the victims home surveillance cameras.  In it you’ll see the white dog attack its owner.

The man who shared this video didn’t want his name shared or be shown on camera.

But according to him, he heard his little dog making quote “terror sounds” outside.

He went to check out why, and that’s when he says the pit bull leaped at him, bit him on the back and then attacked another neighbor.

He says she went to the hospital and needed stitches.

He says the dog is always getting out on the loose, and that nothing is being done.

The man says he’s filed police reports and reported the dog to animal control.  But he says they only sent him an email referring him to St. Louis County.

He says right now the dog still hasn’t been taken away and that it’s back with its owner.