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ANNAPOLIS, MO (KTVI) – A 15-year-old girl gets to keep her dog after a small Missouri town overturned its ban on certain breeds.  This is a follow up to a Fox 2 report questioning whether people even know their breeds.  Reporter Chris Hayes found most people get it wrong.  More than 70% have failed this test.

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It`s hard to forget the dog named Patches.  As Bayle Sutton threw ‘rock-n-roll’ drumsticks in the air, she said, “He won`t go after any other stick other than drum sticks.”

Patches was once considered an outlaw here in Annapolis, MO, because of a pit bull ban.

Fox 2 first brought you the story in February.  Bayle`s Aunt, Tammy Tucker, feared they`d be prosecuted just because of the way their dog looked.

In February, 2013, “We don`t think he`s a Pit Bull. We think he`s part of the family, that`s all that he is.”

Bayle talked about the possible seizure of Patches. “Yeah, they want to take him.  They said we have five days to get rid of him.’

Fox 2 bought a DNA test, which came back with results revealing an interesting mix.  Patches turns out to be Half American Staffordshire Terrier, one-quarter Boxer and one-quarter Cocker Spaniel.

Bayle said as she laughed, “I was pretty surprised by the English Cocker Spaniel.”

That did not save Patches from Annapolis` Pit Bull ban, because the ban includes the breed American Staffordshire Terrier.

Bayle added, “I knew no matter what the breed was going to come back, I was still gonna fight for him no matter if he was a Pit Bull or not.”

Residents seemed to side with Bayle and Patches.

Brittany Henson said, “Any dog can be mean.  It`s how you raise them or tease them.”

Terry McCormick remembered his Pit Bull.  He said, “The town police officer came to my house and said get rid of the dog or go to jail.”  He said he found his dog a nice home, but will never forget her.  McCormick added, “My grand babies climbed on her and pulled on her.  (My dog) didn’t do anything but lay there.”

Chris Hayes asked, “And that didn`t matter to the town?”

McCormick answered, “No, not at all.”

Hayes: “..just mattered what kind of dog they thought she was?”

McCormick: “Just mattered that she was a pit bull, yeah.”

In Patches case, town leaders listened.  Annapolis` City Attorney sent Patches’ owners a letter, agreeing to review its Pit Bull ban.

Tammy Tucker explained, “The mayor requested that the Alderman talk to the people and once they did — and everybody fell in love with Patches of course once they saw the news reel.  And if it hadn’t have been for that, we probably wouldn’t have gotten as far as we did.”

Patches can stay.

Tucker said, “I just started crying.  I was just that happy.”

The town dropped its ban on certain breeds.

Bayle added, “I hopped up and down and clapped my hands. (She laughed) and I hugged Tammy and then I hugged Patches.”

Patches will never know how close he was to losing his Bayle.  We now know their walks will continue forever.

Read the full Annapolis, MO City Dog Ordinance

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