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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – A plane with landing gear problems was able to land safely at Lambert Airport Monday afternoon. CNN confirms the plane is from Wooster, OH.

The airport confirms eight people were on board and officials at the airport say they were prepared for a crash-landing scenario. Four ambulances were requested along with Arch Helicopter and other emergency equipment.

The Learjet planned to make an emergency landing at Parks Airport in Cahokia, Illinois but was diverted to Lambert.

Just after noon Monday, the plane reported a problem with its front landing gear.

The plane flew by the tower for a visual inspection and determined the front landing gear was copped to the side. Officials in the tower said the plane will have to land without its gear.

The plane circled the airport to burn off fuel before landing safely at Lambert.

It appears Learjet passengers de-planed normally. All passengers are off the plane. Baggage from the plane was carried over to a shuttle bus.

The Learjet was towed from the runway.