Plans to move forward with new shipping port in Jefferson County


JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. — A new shipping port in Jefferson County could help transform how goods are shipped and received on the Mississippi River.

A major announcement for those involved with a signed letter of intent to launch the new transportation system was welcome news to Jefferson County Port Authority President Derrick Good.

“American Patriot Holdings and Port of Plaquemines have been working really hard to shore up all of their important partners, and this is a big one,” Good said. “APM is a world leader in container ports and operations. It makes things that much more real, and it’s just another huge step towards bringing a container port to Jefferson county.”

The plan between the two agencies is to send shipping containers through the Gulf of Mexico from the Panama Canal, eventually docking at a port about 30 miles South of St. Louis in Herculaneum.

“It’s going to give Jefferson county an opportunity to take advantage of the river which is an asset that we’ve always had but never really been able to take advantage of,” Good said.

Sand is being loaded onto barges at the port right now, but it would be a stop for larger vessels in the coming years.

“When you start moving this much cargo and so on there’s going to be opportunities for a lot of people,” Good said.

American Patriot Container Transport CEO Sal Litrico was also pleased with the announcement and sent this statement to Fox 2 News.

“We are creating a new transporting system, which consists of a Regional Gateway container terminal located on the lower Mississippi River, connected to strategically-located state of the art container terminals in the Midwest, coupled with a patented state of the art container on vessels, which can move safely move critical mass at high speeds,” Litrico said.

If the ports really do transcend the shipping and receiving industry in the Midwest, could we see one in St. Louis? Good said if it did, it would make sense.

“There’s going to be lots of opportunities for different economies in the entire state of Missouri,” Good said.

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