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CLAYTON, MO (KTVI)-People across Missouri held rallies this morning protesting plans to gut the Affordable Care Act commonly known as Obamacare.

Demonstrations took place at several locations including in front of Senator Roy Blunt`s office in Clayton at Bonhomme and South Hanley Road.

Blunt has been a critic of Obamacare and supports repealing the law.

Today`s protests come after the House and Senate both voted last week to pass budget resolutions that will begin dismantling Obamacare.

The group Missouri Health Care for All organized today`s protests. Demonstrators are upset saying congress is gutting coverage for millions of Americans by dismantling Obamacare with no plan for replacing it.

President-elect Donald Trump, who campaigned on repealing and replacing Obamacare, told the Washington Post that a replacement plan is nearly done and that the new plan will provide insurance for everybody.

Demonstrators this morning in Clayton say they haven`t seen any details about a replacement plan. At this point, they want the affordable care act to remain in place.

Demonstrations also happened at Senator Claire McCaskill`s office on Del Mar and at intersections in Arnold, Dexter, Joplin and Springfield.

An additional protest took place in West Plains.

The McCaskill event was of a thank you event since she supports Obamacare.

Senator Blunt tells FOX 2 that while he always welcomes input from constituents he believes Obamacare isn’t working for Missourians.