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ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – For the past few weeks, Jordan Fiedler, 19, has been making a four hour round trip to St. Louis University Hospital from Pleasant Hill, Illinois, just to save face.

His face.

‘I knew something was wrong,’ Fiedler said. ‘I felt my nose and it was way over here.’

On August 8th, Fiedler, who lives about two hours north of St. Louis, was on a family outing at a shallow channel along the Mississippi.

But while inner tubing down the river chute, Asian Carp began flying out of the water.

‘I put my head down and the one time I lifted my head up and came and hit me straight in the face,’ Fiedler said.

His family was with him when it happened. His father was driving the boat and his mother was watching from a sandbar.

‘When I got in the boat it was panic because I didn`t understand what was going on and then for the amount of blood lost it was quite scary,’ said Jordan`s mother, Robin Fiedler.

That direct hit fractured Jordan`s nose and dented his forehead, shattering the bones above his brow and in both eye sockets.

Asian Carp are an invasive species that jump above the water line when they are startled or scared, and the results in Jordan`s case could have been life threatening.

‘If it had hit me any harder it could have broken my skull bones and essentially damaged my brain and killed me on the spot,’ he said.

His plastic surgeon, SLUCare Dr. Bruce Kraemer, confirms that scenario.

The surgery to repair Jordan`s face took three and a half hours, and involved a piece of mesh and screws to restore the shape of his forehead.

Despite all the damage, Jordan`s prognosis is good. Once the swelling goes down in another 3 to 4 weeks, he may have a hard time convincing people his fish tale is true.